Get access to over $10,000 worth of selling tools

We want to help entrepreneurs succeed online, basic features simply won't do the trick. You need invoicing, membership, reports, conversions, funnels, fraud checking and more.


Don't lose sales because your clients aren't tech-savvy. Generate invoices and send via facebook, whatsapp or email.


Create private content that only your paid members can view. This is great for online courses and workout schedules.


View your order history and find out what's selling the most. Get reminded when items are low on stock automatically..


Many clients tend to abandon their shopping carts during checkout. We captures that cart data and allow you to follow up with your potential buyer.


Sales funnels are great tools for your campaigns. It allows you to custom pages and checkouts that are dedicated to your event.

Fraud Checks

Houndred has an in-house fraud protection solution that gives each order a score. If the order seems high-risk, we will advise to take precaution before delivery.


Triggers & Chat Bots

Build a deeper customer-merchant relationship by allowing our tools to handle your customer queries. 

Our chatbot interacts with your clients by filtering their answers into a custom user experience. Feel free to take over the convo at anytime via our live-chat mobile app.

Triggers are designed to perform specific actions depending on customer interaction. Wanna offer a 5% discount if there is $1000 worth of goods in the cart? Would you like to wish them a happy birthday or give a free booking? That’s what a trigger can do. Simple gestures go a long way.

The best part about Houndred is that it's powered by WordPress. Which means that any WordPress customization can be added directly into your Houndred website.

Stephon Duncan Founder & CEO of Overmill